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10/2 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya st., floor 7, Moscow

(Artplay design and architecture center)

(499) 678 01 56

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Frequently asked questions

Does your company manufacture customized furniture or sell only finished items?

Severin Design customizes the furniture and interior items considering the Customer's needs. We use only high-quality materials made in Russia and Europe to manufacture the items.

Does your company provide delivery services?

Yes. Of course! You can order delivery and installation of products manufactured by our company. We work in all the regions of Russia. We always provide several options of transportation for you to choose the most convenient.

Which materials do you use to manufacture furniture?

We use all types of materials. We can manufacture both simple and complicated furniture and interior items. Among the materials we use are: laminated chip board, medium density fiberboard with scale wood or enamel coating, etc.