Pervy Klientsky Bank's office

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Name: Pervy Klientsky Bank's office
Place: 19/1 Leninskaya Sloboda st., Moscow
Customer: Pervy Klientsky Bank (First Clients' Bank)
Object type:
  • Offices
Types of work / services performed
  • Furniture and interior
  • Delivery
  • Installation
The furniture and the interior items and parts (portals, glass partitions without imposts, cash units, work counters of the operators and guard, work cabinets, suspended elements of lighting and ornamental finishing of the front desk) of the Pervy Klientsky Bank's office were manufactured and installed by SEVERIN DESIGN. 

We used the following materials: natural wood, scale wood, hardened glass, stainless steel, metal with powder coating, laminated chip board, HPL plastic and LED backlighting.