Formula Kino City cinema

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Name: Formula Kino City cinema
Place: 2 Presnenskaya embankment, Moscow, Afimall City shopping and entertainment mall
Customer: KINOMIR (CINEMA WORLD) Company
Object type:
  • Cinemas
Types of work / services performed
  • Furniture and interior
  • Delivery
  • Installation
SEVERIN DESIGN manufactured and installed furniture and interior items and parts of Formula Kino City cinema (cinema bar counters with a wall unit, coffee house bars, cash unit, waiter's counter, enclosure, tables, decorative ceiling structure) based on the Customer's design. 

We used the following materials: composite material, granolith, mirrors, stainless steel, acrylic and silicate glass, metal with powder coating, laminated chip board, HPL plastic, medium density fiberboard with enamel coating and LED backlighting.