Chyornaya Zhemchuzhina (Black Pearl) restaurant

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Name: Chyornaya Zhemchuzhina (Black Pearl) restaurant
Place: 1 Semenovskaya square, Semenovsky shopping mall
Customer: Santorg Company
Object type:
  • Cafes
Total plot area: 450 m2.
Types of work / services performed
  • Furniture and interior
  • Delivery
  • Installation
SEVERIN GROUP architects together with SEVERIN DESIGN specialists created a unique interior with artistic combination of furniture items of unusual shape and form and interiors with contrast textures of finishing materials. 

SEVERIN DESIGN manufactured and installed furniture and interior items and parts of Chyornaya Zhemchuzhina (Black Pearl) restaurant (bar counter with a wall unit, shelf, wall panels, brackets, cornice, engaged frames, finishing of the columns, ornamental finishing of the ceiling and windows, door units, counter for wash basins, ornamental finishing of the walls and mirrors, entrance room with a sign board, finishing of the portal, tables, chairs, upholstered furniture, lamps). 

We used the following materials: solid oak and oak veneer, granolith, artificial leather, acrylic and silicate glass, mirrors, stainless steel, sheet and profile brass, metal with powder coating, laminated chip board, LED and luminescent backlighting.